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WACOL is proud to have supported so many outstanding clients. Our clients represent a broad cross section of our industry. At WACOL, we take personal accountability and responsibility for our client’s success.

The founders of WACOL could never have dreamed that there is small, design firm would someday win consecutive awards from both major American firms as well as the US and Iraqi governments.

ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development)

ACTED (Agence d’Aide à la Coopération Technique Et au Développement) -a French Non-Governmental Organization- selected WACOL as an engineering services company to support its Iraq-Wide program. WACOL is awarded it first project with ACTED to conduct Hydrological Study on behalf of ACTED on 13 villages distributed in Dhi-Qar and Muthanna provinces with 30 days calendar only.

34th ID DIVENG 732 ECES, FED 4, United States Air Force

WACOL won a 4th contract to provide Iraqi Facility Engineer Team services for the US Government DOD. WACOL through a multi-disciplines engineering team will provide master plan, facilities management, and construction quality inspection in support of COB Basrah Garrison Command and US Air Force Facility Engineer Detachments (FED) projects. WACOL is awarded this contract by Basrah Regional Contracting Command (RCC) and will last for two years. WACOL deployed well trained professional personnel for this project familiar with US base roles, safety, and standards. The IFET team will act as they are the US military equivalent of city planning and projects management.

602nd Facility Engineer Detachment (FED), United States Army

WACOL is awarded by RCC Tallil a three years contract to provide technical engineering services and expertise in support of current and planned base infrastructure operations and projects of the COB Adder Garrison Command and Facility Engineer Detachment (FED). Engineering support provided by WACOL will be through an Iraqi Facility Engineer Team (I-FET) consisting Architect/Master Planner; Civil Engineer (Land Development Specialty); Electrical Engineer with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) experience; Project Assistant; Surveyor; Draftsman/AutoCAD Technician and Construction Inspector.

FET 1, Facilities Engineer Team, United States Air Force

WACOL has been chosen by Joint Contracting Command- Iraq (JCCI) and FET 1 USAF to provide Engineering Expertise in support with Facilities Engineer Team (FET) Program to perform Master Planning and Facilities Management at COB Speicher – Tikrit. WACOL Iraqi FET experiences and its Management are considered a proof of Iraqi Construction Management Standard along with the new world-class quality and guidelines.

FET 15, Facilities Engineer Team, United States Air Force

As coalition bases are shared, closed, or transferred to the Government of Iraq (GOI), the GOI will require experienced Iraqi Facilities Engineers to manage bases. WACOL began its partnership with FET 15 USAF to build professional capacity for the GOI to eventually lead to full assumption of base facilities engineering duties by Iraqi staffs. WACOL “proudly” provided the FIRST Iraqi Facility Engineer Team (IFET) at FOB Q-West (Q-West Base Complex - Mosul) to perform master planning and facilities management under the guidance of the Corps Sustainment Command.

United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

WACOL is the sole provider of Iraqi engineers for USACE in Iraq since April 2006 under Versar Inc. Leadership. The Gulf Region Division (GRD) of the Corps of Engineers relies solely on WACOL to augment their engineering workforce with top-quality local national engineers, quality assurance professionals, administrators, etc. we are proud to serve The Corps, and look forward to years of continued growth and success.

Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environmental Excellence (AFCEE)

WACOL has proudly supported AFCEE since 2005 by providing them a number of services under VIAP leadership. These services include but are not limited to professional engineering consultancy services, materials testing - on site and laboratory, personnel services, Project reconnaissance and assessments, Project audits, construction quality management training, American Concrete Institute (ACI) trainers and training services, procurement, acquisition and delivery of field engineer equipment tracked as Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) as per a Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Versar, Inc. (VSR)

Versar, Inc. relies on WACOL to provide world-class payroll delivery services throughout Iraq as well as providing in excess of 400 engineers for over 3-years. WACOL is proud to be partners with such a well-established and respected publicly traded company. We look forward to many more continuing years of success.

VIAP, Inc.

"VIAP has been instrumental in building up the Iraqi Construction Industry, raising it to a higher level through not only inspection but training."
When Lt Col Jeffry Knippel, United States Air Force stated the quote above, he was referring to work being performed by the WACOL provided workforce. WACOL not only provides Quality Assurance Field Engineers and Assessors for VIAP but also provides trainers.
The VIAP-WACOL contract was a landmark milestone for WACOL, as it was the first contract they were awarded by an American engineering firm.

ResoluteCM , LLC.

ResoluteCM has selected WACOL to support its worldwide business plan starting from Iraq, UAE, and the Philippines. ResoluteCM and WACOL built a strong plan for Joint Contracting Command – Iraq to perform Security Site Assessment in support of Ministry of Electricity Security Enhancement Program for all major Power Plants throughout Iraq.

North Oil Company (NOC)

By beginning of July 2009, WACOL’s board of directors decided to activate a trade branch in relation with engineering, electrical, and mechanical products to support the customers’ needs of certain specification. In a successful strategy and among more than 40 local companies, WACOL is selected to provide the NOC (North Oil Company, an Iraqi-Governmental Company locates in Kirkuk, a northern province of Iraq) with electrical and mechanical products in support of NOC facilities and oil wells rehabilitation.

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